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“1, 2, 3 – I Love Washington Brown”

I really didn’t like public speaking…in fact I hated it. I used to get sooo nervous before I got up on stage it nearly made me sick.

Fast forward about 10 years and after constantly being asked to do it….I think I have become better at it.

To the point where, on the weekend, I managed to convince 500 complete strangers to yell out “I love Washington Brown” towards the end of the session.

I told them if they did what I asked/begged…that I would make them Facebook & YouTube stars…”think PSY goes viral”.

Luckily for me they did and this is a video I recorded from the stage looking back at the crowd.

I was speaking at the Real Estate Investar – Live conference and I must say it was a really good event.

Unfortunately I didn’t see all the speakers but the ones that I did see, Sally Purcell from Run Property and Will Foster from Connective – were really good.

I was of course speaking on my favourite topic – Tax Depreciation Tips…and I hope people took something away from it.

The talk really is similar to this blog post if you’d like to learn the tips.

If you need a depreciation schedule for your investment property – get a quote here or work out how much you can save using our free calculator.

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