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Confessions of a first-time interviewee (on live TV!)

Everyone’s talking about it CLAIM IT! even Peter Switzer!!

Must admit, when I first got asked to go on the Switzer show and be interviewed live by Peter Switzer, I was nervous.

Even though I’ve done loads of YouTube videos now, live television is another kettle of fish.

What if I swear? What if I freeze?  What if I don’t know the answer to one of the questions? I had no idea which questions he might ask.

So I waited in the lobby area for about an hour – but could hear the other guests and segments before me…next thing I’m told: “Tyron Hyde you’re up next”.

Heart skips a beat, told to sit down, get miked up, told not to swivel – and then boom the questions start.

Thankfully, Peter Switzer is incredibly good at making you feel comfortable. He made the interview feel like a conversation – and that’s a really good skill to have if you ask me.

He understood property depreciation and more importantly mentioned the book  CLAIM IT! several times!

I like Peter Switzer.


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