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Had a HOT date with Harry today…

HOT date with Harry

HOT date with Harry


I’ve been working with/for Harry Oscar Triguboff (HOT) for nearly 20 years.

Harry owns Meriton Apartments, and when he asks you to lunch you tend to go!

According to Wikipedia he’s worth about $4.5bn and is the 6th richest person in Australia.

He’s certainly one of the best, if not the best story tellers, I have ever met.

It was quite good timing that he asked me to lunch today…..because I wanted to ask him to endorse my book.

I showed him the section of my upcoming book -CLAIM IT – that is titled “High Rise Harry” – obviously about him.

He read it word for word.

In true Harry style, he asked for a pen on the spot and wrote the endorsement there and then.

You see, Harry doesn’t use a computer. Never has – not even to work out the cost of buying a site. I doubt he has ever sent an email in his life.

He knows this – when it comes to property:

“If I buy the Land for $50k per unit site, build it for $250k per unit site and sell it for $600k – it works. I’ll pay cash for the site and make it happen now.”

Hard to argue with that logic – if you have the funds.

Some of the quotes that made me laugh from him today:

Me: So Harry – why haven’t you ever developed in Melbourne??

Harry: It’s too cold.

Me: Harry – what development are you most proud of?

Harry:  I have no favourites – I’m proud of them all.

Me: Harry, I understand you were once a milkman?

Harry: I collected the cash.

Me: Harry – if you could buy in any suburb at the moment as a first time investor (not you) – where would you buy?

Harry: North Ryde

Me:  Harry, when you did your first development in Pyrmont, I wish I bought every unit off you.

Harry:  When I did my first development in Pyrmont they told me no-one would ever want to live there.

I then showed Harry a copy of one of my first newsletters that I did in 2006.

In that newsletter I asked Harry….

“Harry, if you had $20,000 to invest – what would you do with it?”

He responded “Buy mining shares”

I then showed him some charts that indicated that if my clients listened to him and bought some mining shares at that time:

Fortescue Metals increased about a 1000% in a year.

BHP Doubled in a year.

RIO Doubled in a year.

I had a nice lunch.

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