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London Depreciation Schedule

London Depreciation Schedule

Mind the Gap – London Depreciation Schedule

In 1990 I was at a cross-road in my life – I wasn’t sure if I wanted to finish my Uni degree in Construction Economics…

So like all good young Aussies – I took off and went backpacking.

Back then you could stay and work in the UK for 2 years – so I pretty much did. I was getting about £200 per week – which was spent in the following ratio – £50 food, £50 accommodation and £100 on warm beer!

During this period, I sold “Luncheon Vouchers” via telesales, worked in factories and stacked shelves.

One day I went to work and at the time I was earning about £2.60 per hour – I did the math and calculated that it was more expensive to have lunch away from home & get the train to work compared to what I was making during the day!

That’s when I decided it was time to come home – and having those jobs made me realise that I needed to finish uni and start my career. So after a 3 year break I went back to Uni, which wasn’t easy – especially as I found myself in $10k worth of debt. Luckily that was $10k debt not £10k – as back then you needed $3 dollars to buy £1 – true story!

So… what has this got to do with London Property Depreciation?

Well – We started doing depreciation schedules in London about 2 years ago – I never thought we would do so many reports in the UK. I thought we would do a lot more in the US as opposed to the UK. But lo and behold – we prepare more depreciation schedules in the UK now than we do in all other parts of the world combined (excluding Australia of course).

That makes this little Aussie backpacker smile. I’m finally getting to pay off my backpacking days! If you need a depreciation schedule in London or anywhere in the UK – please get a quote here.

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