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My Personal Investment Strategy

My Property Investment Strategy


I had a dollar for every time I got asked about my property investment strategy, I’d be a multi-millionaire by now. As you can imagine, I get asked this question all the time. As soon as I tell people that I do depreciation reports on properties I’m bombarded with questions about what to buy, where to buy and all sorts of questions about property investment.

In most cases I don’t mind sharing my property investment strategy. But the thing is, my strategy may not apply to, and may not work for, everyone. Like any other investment, what may work for me  may not work for another person. And what works for other people may not work for me. Even in property investment, it is a matter of personal preference and strategy. We all have different strategies and situations that affect our investment priorities.

So, while I don’t mind sharing my property investment strategy, I’d add the disclaimer that it is not applicable to every other investor. You really have to know what you want to get from your property  investment before you commit to it.

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