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Property investors – Don’t forget to CLAIM IT!

Property Investors - You must CLAIM IT!

Property Investors – You must CLAIM IT!


Well I’m a proud middle aged Quantity Surveyor today…

I have become the first published author on the topic of Tax Depreciation Allowances in Australia.

My brand new book CLAIM IT!  has hit the shelves and will be sold “in all good bookstores ” as they say and even some bad old book stores!, or directly through me at www.claim-it.com.au for a discounted price.

In the book I share lots of tips and tricks I’ve discovered over the last 20 years. I look at different types of  ways you can use deprecation to maximise the benefits on your investment property, be it residential, commercial, even ia hotel.

I also talk about my investment strategy for investing in property.

The most overwhelming response from those close to me has been “Wow Tyron – it’s actually readable”.

Gotta love friends.

Yes, I’m the first to acknowledge that property depreciation isn’t the most dynamic of topics, but I’ve done my best to make it easy to read, informative and interesting.

I’m also donating my royalties from the book to the Property Industry Foundation, www.pif.com.au, a wonderful charity supports the homeless and at risk youth of Australia.

So if you grab book – not only will you be enhancing your property investment knowledge, you’ll be helping to build a centre for homeless kids.


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